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Being a part of independent culture and civilization has swept the world for decades. While independence is a great way to start off to propagate freedom and individualistic goals, avenues of development still lie in being able to depend on each other. Many people and countries have a warped sense of independence where selfishness and pride take the forefront and thus keeps growth to a minimum. There is more to freedom than meets the eye. Using independence and combining some aspects with interdependence can genuinely help a person, country, and culture.
The interdependence movement is a new reality that encourages communities to share and develop. There are several issues and problems we face every day. These challenges are prevalent through racism, democracy, gender discrimination, technology, communication, health, etc. The officials and decision-makers are locked in a state governed by norms and independent thinking that they are unable to look for a more logical cross-border solution. This is where the interdependence movement takes front and fore place.

Building an Interdependent World

Citizens who work without borders are essential factors who will help in the promotion of the movement. They can spearhead causes for the sovereignty of the people. To be able to survive any adverse impacts of interdependence, there has to be a sense of mutual benefit, liberty, and flourish. The need to globalize diversity in democracy and culture in a progressive light takes center stage. The movement of interdependence was started by Benjamin Barber. In a move to bring citizens who are activists and leading the different fields that make up the economy, professor Barber has united these citizens without borders to influence the global population on a progressive scale.

Our world tends to be interdependent by nature. While the governments try to keep of a nation and communities’ independence, it would be chaos if everyone believed to profess the interdependence. Therefore, when there are leaders from different areas who can control the impact of the movement, Professor Barber considers that it can be controlled growth. Not all problems can be solved through interdependence, and this is clear with the leaders of the movement. Issues in economics, technology, war, crime, and disease are identified, and they are challenged through the concepts of interdependence.

The world interdependence day was established in the year 2003 and has helped in giving people a sense of the movement itself and how they can use it effectively. On September 12th of every year, problems that require an interdependent solution are identified and tackled around the world. From the first interdependence day to today, there are over 14 forums that have been created around the globe in key countries to spread the impacts of the movement. Even leaders of religious faiths have come forward to join the movement and help in propagating it. Public debates, seminars, artistic performances along with themed exhibitions help in celebrating the day and the vision of an interdependent world.

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