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While building an interdependent world is an essential feature of globalization and progression, there are some facts to be considered to ensure that all collaborations in an interdependent democracy are effectively executed. Problems are an everyday thing that every democratic country will face. There is also a global scale of fraud and force that become an issue when dealing with globalization. To address challenges on a worldwide scale, there are tools necessary to take on their effects. When the interdependence movement was started, it was essential to take every aspect of globalization into consideration before equipping leaders with the right tools to tackle them.

The Main Aims of The Movement

Getting to the crux of a challenge, Interdependence aims first to understand what trust is about in the situation. Trust on the interdependence scale is a mere product of civic engagement as well as social capital. Only social faith and capitalism will be able to build the confidence to execute a solution. Building this trust across borders through cultural and civic means will ensure that interdependence is looked at with a confident stride and not with skepticism. As a mission of interdependence, it is to understand the core reason for the growth of the movement. Global governments and democracy are not a matter to be taken lightly, primarily because they function on an immense scale. However, the complexity of societies makes it very difficult for the government to play an important role in direct participation becomes a challenge. Most of the time, the elected leaders of countries lose their faith in the citizens, and this is where the problems start becoming a real issue. Democracy becomes a question and a risk. In the end, instead of working from leader to the people, democracy becomes tough to control because it works from bottom up. Understanding this concept of today’s governments, help the interdependence movement citizens not to take the change lightly but also to be sensitive to how it can be accomplished.

The best way forward for an interdependent world is to ensure that both democracies as well as capitalism work together. This will ensure that inventions and justice, stability, and the law will prevail. Before nations begin to take on a global form of democracy, getting them to understand that leadership works in tandem with capitalism and democracy will help to bring the world together. Interdependence is about responsibility on a global scale and local participation. The movement of interdependence ensures that the civilians are clear about the principals of the concept before approaching the challenge. Citizens often think that their right to safeguard the welfare of a nation begins and ends with their voting. However, people simply expect leaders to run the country as mere servants without active participation. Making sure that citizens understand their need to have a relationship with their decisions is a core value of this movement. Many organizations have been created for the sake of the people. However, most of these institutions now have ideas of democracy and have failed to fulfill their purpose. Helping these organizations achieve their full potential is another critical mission of the Interdependence movement.

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