How Northampton Celebrated Interdependence Day With Unique Splendour

Celebrating Interdependence day has become part of the culture of many countries around the world. As more countries are becoming aware of the necessity to support Interdependence, the whole affair of celebrating September 12th every year is becoming an essential part of the culture itself. The people in Northampton garnered attention to Interdependence day by hosting a massive party/parade to support the fight against climate change. The streets were flooded with people dressed in brightly colored clothes and activists with giant puppets. Being the third Interdependence day, that Northampton has celebrated, the attention for the reasonably new globalized occasion got much-needed publicity. The parade lasted for 3 hours and every member of the city who was supporting the fight for climate change, was a part of it.

The Parade

Art, puppets and music were used as mediums to propagate the idea about fighting against climate change and to spread the awareness about Interdependence day. The event was organized by Climate Action Now and art director Beth Fairservis along with her theatre group MuZen. Beth believed that the parade would act as a perfect opportunity to celebrate the efforts that Northampton made toward reducing carbon footprints throughout the year 2017-18. The city is also known to have used renewable energy wherever possible – A perfect way to celebrate and encourage the populace as well.

A certificate was presented to the Mayor of Northampton, to commemorate his efforts and support to help the citizens fight climate change. As a city, Northampton has taken up several initiatives to fight against any environmental hazards that are detrimental. Several activities were propagated as part of their effort to support climate change. Some of them are:

  • All public buildings were installed with solar panels to harvest energy
  • Landfills also acted as ports to harvest solar energy that was routed to the homes and corporates
  • The city committed to using only renewable energy throughout the year, and it really paid off too, and
  • A bike-sharing system was launched to encourage people to use bicycles as a mode of transport

The organizers have over 20 years of experience in creating parades for social causes. Beth Fairservis especially has a specialty in shows. She is known to be able to pull off some of the most spectacular shows with astounding designs. In fact, her puppets and designs are what the city has used in its Interdependency Day parades every year. The first year of the event, 100 people came forward to participate in the climate change parade. The next year saw the number double and so forth. All the participants came in from the four geographical directions to signify the elements. Each element group even had its own color coding. The whole concept was to showcase that humans are the element of fire. Their introduction of fire is what has caused the other elements to be destroyed – a very symbolic parade indeed. Apart from the various color coding, the participants also wore colorful hats and other accessories to go with their elements.

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