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The movement of interdependence has indeed made a drastic change to our societies today. The idea that specific individuals groups depend on each other to fuel their progress and strive to achieve their aims in life is a compelling concept that promotes unity and fosters high ethical and moral values. The idea of interdependence has progressed into various strands and aspects of life, and one of the most sensitive issues that interdependence influences are gender equality.

Gender equality voices the idea of creating a particular justice system of equality and fairness and accessibility, opportunity, participation, decision making with regards to gender. Meaning to say whatever said and done, the way a male is treated should also be the same for a female. Today we live in a world where many societies still allow and give into a dominant male society, where the women are deprived of their right to voice their opinions and perspectives in life. Even if there is an attempt where women rise and show their concern or put up a fight against the system, it only manifests in discrimination and stereotyping. Therefore, gender equality is the goal that our societies are striving to reach. The same is true for trans-genders or genderqueer/non-binary who are in many conservative societies (societies that follows the natural process of accepting only males and females as the gender types) suppressed for fully exercising their rights. Today’s postmodernism age is one that has seen a lot of radical changes in the society, and with gender equality, we know that we are dealing not only with males and females but also the inclusive LGBTQ community who possess fundamental human rights. There are a lot of individuals teaming up with non-government organizations to address the issue of gender equality. Amongst them is the poet Alok Vaid-Menon, who refers to as a non-binary. Alok Vaid-Menon is an American performance artist who prides himself as a non-conforming gender person and refers to himself with the pronoun “they.” Alok, who grew up in College Station, Texas, came from an Indian-American family. They (Alok Vaid-Menon) got global attention when stood up for an attempt to go against gender binary. However, their related work had become an outstanding entity with regards to the handling of stigma and violence. Their work has been televised and publish on prominent media outlets like MTV, HBO, National Geographic, The Guardian, and the New York Times. Alok Vaid-Menon’s work in the public domain has been the voice to other non-binary counterparts around the world. They had published their book that speaks specifically on the violence, discrimination, and oppositional thinking that They get every day from other genders. Their work has been the frontline of the interdependence movement for gender equality. They address the idea that being non-binary is not merely about having an uncategorized gender but the complexity that it brings with it. In other words, they are too expansive to be considered either male or female. It’s also about embracing a journey full of potentially fascinating outcomes and destinations. They have displayed a very resilient character in work to achieve this level of gender equality, which has resulted in work reaching over 40 or more countries and presented in more than 400 venues.

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