How The Interdependence Movement Has Taken Over The World

No one saw the Interdependence movement arrive. Most people who live in the middle of the chaos that surrounds the cities hardly recognize when things are about to take place. From the center is where the information flows out to spread across the other regions. As a result, while most of us may have seen blockbuster movies, we hardly can name the origins of the actors in the film itself.

How many people can we expect to know about activists from a movement? Exactly, few except for a handful.

Authors and social advocates have been informing the public about the rise of the Interdependence movement for a long time, but hardly a few paid attention to it. The movement has always been described as one that will shake the world from its core ‘underground’ and intertwine with everything that happens in the peripheral from farming to media. According to scholars, there are over two million people around the world who have been engaging in underground activities and have been influencing the world as we know it from within. Indeed, the Interdependence movement is a sort of a superpower that is slowly changing the way people perceive the traditional way of doing things.

Hidden in Plain Sight

Most people don’t know the complete details of the movement because the leaders who are responsible for building the movement are the everyday man. The influencers who have caught the media’s attention are also not versatile across all industries. They are merely hiding in plain sight because the media is more interested in what everyone already knows about and is churning out the next gossip column instead.

There is no logo, no brand, no consistent set of rules to follow that the traits needed to identify it, is least known – very similar to how few people knew about the protest again WTO in the early 2000s. If the news was not hot enough, the media absconded. The interdependence movement has had the subtlety of reaching the core of what people wanted and allowing them to make changes in small amounts to their lifestyle. However, the secret is open now, and there has been a lot of attention; it has been garnering in recent times.

Coming Out

People are sick and tired of the injustices and the political stigma that is associated with how countries and citizens should be managed. They want to fight for a change and are willing to put up a banner to name it and give it life. The rise of the web has been a great tool in helping propagate movements such as Interdependency as well. The reception of Interdependence movement is much like the times when the world accepted the most significant leaders and prophets such as Buddha and Jesus. A time when the world has wanted change, and they are sick and tired of the barbaric acts, cruelty, and violence that is thriving. The collective movements that was worked by individuals in quiet stance is today a loud siren thanks to the internet.

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