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Africa has always been associated with conflicts and poverty by the rest of the world. It is valid to some extent though, for example, in some of the counties of Kenya, more than 60 percent of people live under the poverty line, and the literacy rate is also abysmal. There are constant conflicts in these areas over the use of natural resources. The youth in these kinds of areas are the easy recruits for the violent extremist groups. When the youth of a nation are sucked into the criminal system, it can be a challenge to bring peace to a nation without the right measures in place. These challenges require a well-planned strategy, both socially and politically. The radicalization and violence are often said to be caused by poverty and lack of education, which is right to an extent, but it is not the only cause. Studies have shown that there is much more to this problem. One of the most noteworthy trends demonstrated by the reviews is that the percentage of the recruits from the border areas is much higher compared to the other regions, in these extremist groups. These results call for effective joint action by the government of the concerned countries.

Co-operation between Kenya and Ethiopia

In this regard, the Governments of Kenya and Ethiopia have signed a pact to take collective actions in their shared border areas. Both the governments in 2015 made this significant step towards peace. This program is working under the supervision of the United Nations. The focus of this program has been on the prevention and reduction of violent incidents in the border areas. Development and humanitarian values have been pointed out as the soul of this program. Several more steps were taken as per this program in the following years of its launch. The effect of this program is quite visible on the ground. There has been a gradual decrease in the number of violent attacks in the concerned areas. Even the attraction of the youth towards these radical groups has gone down visibly.

Kenya and Ethiopia
Kenya and Ethiopia

Development on the rise

The program has also been quite influential in the development of the region. New roads are being built in the border region to improve the connectivity, which automatically helps in the promotion of trade and business. Local youth of both countries are also getting employed by the companies working on these development projects. The improvement of the infrastructure in the border region also makes it easier for the security forces to patrol efficiently. Millions of hopes of people of Kenya and Ethiopia are associated with this program. There is a lot of potential in this co-operation, which can ensure a better future for both countries. The heritage and culture of both countries, which is so diverse, should be promoted to fuel the tourism industry. The natural resources of energy in Africa are waiting to be handled properly for the betterment of the people. All the people of the world are hopeful of peace and development in this beautiful continent.

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