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Benjamin R. Barber is known to be one of Demos’ Distinguished Fellow who was a senior in the fellowship as well as founder and president of the international non-government organization CivWorld. He is the one who was the founder of and the one who currently leads the Interdependence Movement.

Benjamin R. Barber is a professor of political science, and he specializes in Walt Whitman at Rutgers University in New Jersey. He is a political theorist who is renowned through the entire world since he spread the word about issues regarding citizenships and democracy as well as problems with education, globalization, politics, and culture in all seven continents. He often meets with other civic leaders and politicians such as Howard Dean or Bill Clinton ad travels throughout the world spreading awareness and creating ripples with regards to economic and social causes.

His Written Works

Benjamin Barber is also known to be an author and has written seventeen books. He has written amazing books that show his views and insights about political and economic interdependence.

  • One of the books that he wrote is Strong Democracy, which was written in 1984 and was reissued twenty years later for the book’s twentieth-anniversary edition.
  • Another book he wrote was Jihad vs. McWorld written in 1995 but re-released in 2001 with a version addressing the post to 9/11 era. The re-release was a remarkable success, especially with its print in over thirty languages making it accessible for non-English speakers as well.
  • One of the more recent books he has written is If Mayors Ruled the World. It was published by the press at Yale University in 2013.

His Achievements

Benjamin Barber frequently writes articles for The New York Times, The Nation, Harper’s Magazine, The Guardian, The Atlantic Monthly, The Huffington Post, The American Prospect, The Washington Post, El Pais, La Repubblica, Le Nouvel Observateur, and Die Zeit.

  • He is the founder and a head editor of his publication, the Political Theory, which is a leading publication that releases quarterly and is renowned worldwide.
  • He is a holder of a certificate that the School of Economics in London bestowed unto him, and also a Doctorate and Masters that he received from Harvard University.

His Media Involvements

As he is a famous person, Benjamin Barber frequently shows up on TV.

  • He has appeared on Charlie Rose, Fox Business, Fox News, CNN, the show run by Tavis Smiley, GRITtv, and Bill Moyers Journal.
  • He wrote a TV series called The Struggle for Democracy alongside Patrick Watson.
  • He also had a part in working on the TV series called Greek Fire.
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