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The interdependence movement is not a new concept. In fact, it has been around long before social media hashtags took it off. It has been the fight to change everything, especially the roles of individuals in society. Art is one of the most critical influencers in the real world. The Interdependence movement was first founded and created by professor Benjamin Barber. This movement consists of artisans, educator, and other types of individuals who want to voice their opinions about issues with today’s society and the power play that affects the everyday man.

When you look at the concept of Interdependence as a whole, there is both good and bad sides attached to it. Even the famous Bill Clinton propagated the existence of both bad and the right sides. The implication that strategy has on the Interdependence has much to add to the actual value of the movement itself. In the field of art and artists, there is a lot work to be done. Art can play a vital role in influencing society and the common man. The use of art as a useful tool to promote connection, apathy, and fear is not being used effectively. The common man can relate to art, and this is something that needs focus on to spread the interdependence movement. Common problems of the system can be addressed in an appealing way that the public will be able to grasp the concepts to be actioned. Here are five different projects that have been used through art to spread awareness about the Interdependence movement and the influence.

The 5 Project Examples Where Art is Used to Address Social Causes

  1. The play by the name Guantanamo has played a critical factor in the influence of the movement in the UK and the USA. At public meetings, the play excerpts have been read as part of discussion forums to understand the influence on people through artistic expressions.
  2. The well-known producer Anne Hamburger and Lt.Colonel Art DeGoat expressed the ability of video to create awareness about war veterans and their families.
  3. The project Me/We Syria makes the use of handheld cameras to help the storytellers and change makers make a difference in the Zaatari refugee camp.
  4. The critically claimed documentary by the name These Birds Walk by Bassam Tariq has been used to speak about the orphans in Pakistan and the life of those children. 
  5. The use of gold shipping contained equipped with video and audio has been placed around the world to enable people to meet others face to face. This project helps to bring the world closer.

The reasons that these projects are shown as outstanding examples of the tools used for the spread of the Interdependence movement is because of the issues that they address. While the concept of the movement might be alien to some, the problems and the ideologies that are highlighted are not new to the world.

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