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When human beings are asked to take a look at the political, cultural, and social climate around the world, the majority of people would probably comment on the lack of peace, order, and justice. Other individuals with extreme opinions might even suggest that the executive and justice systems of governing nations might need a make-over from the roots up.

However, instead of uprooting the “failed” systems that are responsible for the government and society that is present today, others argue that the key to a better world is not war or a reboot but rather, a stronger avenue for dialogue, communication, and development of genuine respect and understanding between nations. This key is the goal of the interdependence movement – an authentic realization of globalization.

Redefining the Equality of Men

When talking about the notion of justice and equality in the modern world, a lot of people still look to the Declaration of Independence. This document is considered by many to be a foundational document when it comes to the true nature of equality among human beings with its famous line “All Men are Created Equal.” With the struggles and issues of contemporary times, these words still resound in the hearts and minds of activists finding for equality and social justice.

More than a quotable quote or a good motto, the famous line from the declaration is a compelling reason for more dialogue between countries, a need for interdependence. During the writing of the Declaration of Independence, the truly equal men were limited to white, American males who own property and have the right to vote. People of color like some of the founding fathers’ slaves and women are not among those who are considered as men, and therefore, do not possess the same equal rights as thee other privileged members of society. Launching an authentic and global interdependence movement, would open communication and action on the notion of equality and for the “men” in the famous line from the declaration to mean all peoples – regardless of age, gender, culture, nationality, or race.

Redefining the Equality of Men
Redefining the Equality of Men

More about the Interdependence Movement

The Interdependence Movement was initiated by Prof. Benjamin Barber, who sought to bring together intellectuals, students, artists, and both religious and political leaders. The movement aims to create a network between nations that is proactive in making constructive progress in solving the multiple cross-border challenges being faced by the world at presents such as poverty, illiteracy, war, disease, crime, and lack of technology. The movement was initiated from 2003 to 2015 in the form of dialogues and forums held in various cities and countries all over the world. The attendees, coming from multiple positions and backgrounds, commit themselves to a year-round action plan to combat the main issues of the year. Since its foundation, the 12th of September has been recognized as the global celebration of Interdependence Day.

Some of the aims of the interdependence movement include improving the responsibility and accountability of representative governments, redefining trust with regards to social capital and civic engagement, balancing the free market system, strengthening public education among nations, and empowering citizens with knowledge of digital technology and the internet.  

The Interdependent Movement: Living an Interdependent Lifestyle
Joining Together to Bridge The Gap in Security, Peace, and Development